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Nao by Shampoo-chan13 by kagrraclub Nao by Shampoo-chan13 :iconkagrraclub:kagrraclub 0 0 Shin by Duckbrella by kagrraclub Shin by Duckbrella :iconkagrraclub:kagrraclub 1 0 Nao's kanji by ophelia13 by kagrraclub Nao's kanji by ophelia13 :iconkagrraclub:kagrraclub 0 0 tuna.can by SOO-DA by kagrraclub tuna.can by SOO-DA :iconkagrraclub:kagrraclub 1 0 If Lost by T-larryo by kagrraclub If Lost by T-larryo :iconkagrraclub:kagrraclub 0 0 Akiya by T-larryo by kagrraclub Akiya by T-larryo :iconkagrraclub:kagrraclub 0 0 The Vocalist by T-larryo by kagrraclub The Vocalist by T-larryo :iconkagrraclub:kagrraclub 0 0 Nao, by xXBeastOfBloodXx by kagrraclub Nao, by xXBeastOfBloodXx :iconkagrraclub:kagrraclub 1 0 kagrraclub devid by kagrraclub kagrraclub devid :iconkagrraclub:kagrraclub 2 0


Akiya - Kagrra, by T-larryo Akiya - Kagrra, :icont-larryo:T-larryo 4 8 If lost - in color by T-larryo If lost - in color :icont-larryo:T-larryo 5 10 The vocalist - In color by T-larryo The vocalist - In color :icont-larryo:T-larryo 4 12 nao by xXBeastOfBloodXx nao :iconxxbeastofbloodxx:xXBeastOfBloodXx 28 29 Isshi by Seguchi Isshi :iconseguchi:Seguchi 3 6 Comic by NocturnalWitch Comic :iconnocturnalwitch:NocturnalWitch 1 0 Comic2 by NocturnalWitch Comic2 :iconnocturnalwitch:NocturnalWitch 1 0 Comic 3 by NocturnalWitch Comic 3 :iconnocturnalwitch:NocturnalWitch 1 3 Nao -Kagrra- Oekaki by Sh-ards Nao -Kagrra- Oekaki :iconsh-ards:Sh-ards 25 34 kagrra no akiya by dasMagnetischeDV kagrra no akiya :icondasmagnetischedv:dasMagnetischeDV 3 5 Akiya by Sh-ards Akiya :iconsh-ards:Sh-ards 18 43 Nao of Kagrra by Sarenh Nao of Kagrra :iconsarenh:Sarenh 5 28 Shin T_T by Sarenh Shin T_T :iconsarenh:Sarenh 13 34 Pretty in Pink by krazykaoru23 Pretty in Pink :iconkrazykaoru23:krazykaoru23 2 7



Kagrra Club
Favourite genre of music: jrock
Welcome to Kagrra Club, fanclub for all things Kagrra,!


6.18 -- After a huge absence, I've updated the members orz  the Peace and Smile Carnival Tour dvd was released and it is WONDERFUL; highly recommended if you like the many PS Company bands because they're all featured, and you get some awesome backstage clips!  From July 13rd to August 5th Kagrra will be on a One-man tour in Japan!  That's all for now for Kagrra news... Sorry for the huge delay in updates, and Happy Father's Day to all you fathers out there....
7.1 -- A small update.  We have one new member :D  The main reason I'm updating is that I'll be gone for two months [hopefully during that time I will have seen our boys live *.*], so during that time, new members and member submissions and such will NOT be updated or, um, acknowledged, and news won't be updated and all that.  I know I've gone longer without updating, but this time you get a heads up ^^**  So... yeah, if you are trying to join, hopefully you read the updates and don't get mad when you don't hear anything for a while~~ ^^*

12.13 -- Hey everyone, sorry for the huge absence :(  Since the time has passed, Kagrra came out with a new single, Utakata, which came in 3 different versions.  Well they recently announced an upcoming album to be released February 14th [coincidence??].  There will be a regular version [Y3000] and a limited version coming with a dvd [Y3619].  It will include "Utakata" and "Sakebi", which were on the Utakata single, plus 9 more tracks!  I'm looking forward to it XD!


The Basics:

Kagrra, [yes, there's a comma!] is a Japanese band consisting of Isshi [vocals], Nao [bass], Akiya [guitar], Shin [guitar], and Izumi [drums].  Their style is categorized in Visual Kei, but they have a unique 'Neo Japanesque' sound.  This club is to unite fans on DeviantArt who love Kagrra, as well as to showcase the different artworks of the members.


Kagrraclub was founded on September 11th of 2003 and is maintained by :iconelysion:
If you would like to join, please SEND A NOTE to the club saying that you would like to join.  Comments in the club's frontpage may not be seen until late, and even then they might be overlooked.  Your best bet to join is to send a note to the club!  Once you've sent a note, please put the Kagrraclub icon somewhere on your DA page!


Art Submissions:

Well, one of this club's goals is to collect Kagrra artwork, so if you've got any deviantart submissions of your Kagrra related artwork, please send a NOTE with a LINK, and, if you want, a comment to be posted up along with your art!  Your piece will then be put up as a Kagrra Club member submission with proper credit.


Contest Info:

At the moment, there are no contests.


Past Contests:

Contest #1 was won by :iconsarenh: with her entry…

Contest #2 was won by :iconkbooki: with her entry…


Important Dates:

February 5 -- Nao's birthday!
February 11 -- Izumi's birthday!
February 14 -- New Album [untitled as of yet] released!  Reg & Lim Versions
August 25 -- Akiya's birthday!
September 11 -- Shin's birthday!
September 11 -- Kagrra Club's birthday!
December 7 -- Isshi's birthday!


Kagrra Links:
[if you have a fanpage for Kagrra and would like to see it up here, please send the club a note!]

PS Company's webpage [contains the official Kagrra website]

Kagrra,'s official webpage,/

Kagrra ~ cherry blossoms romance~

Neo Japanesque [one of the best resources imho.. back up!]

Naolicious [Nao fanlisting]

Urei [incredible source for Kagrra scans]

Kagrra, Diary [translations of Kagrra,'s member diaries on their OHP]…

Kagrra, Updates [translations of updates posted on Kagrra,'s OHP]…

Showtime's Kagrra Broadband Special Site [streaming clips and specials]


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